Embark on a cosmic adventure with Space Intern, a dynamic 2D platformer game!

Release on mobiles: 22nd November 2023!

Game Features:
Unique mechanics in every world, from gravity inversion to playing as a hologram
Encounter quirky foes like jumping space snails, explosive frogs, and synchronized jellyfish swimmers
Conquer 40 hand-crafted levels, each with increasing difficulty and complexity
Face 4 distinct bosses, presenting the final challenge in each world
Enjoy comedic dialogues with peculiar co-workers throughout the game
– Customize your character with various skins
– Immerse yourself in original pixel art graphics that capture the essence of space
– Groove to original soundtracks tailored for each of the four worlds
– Unlock original achievements for an extended cosmic thrill
– Engage in side activities, collecting two hidden stars in each level
Gamepad support for enhanced gameplay
– Available in 9 languages for a global adventure.