Pixboy - Press kit


Pixboy is an arcade 2D platformer, which embraces all classic platformers features. It tells a story about a mad scientist, who invents a super elixir giving an ultimate power (at least he thinks that), but unfortunately, the gang of naughty dogs prevents his plans. There are 40 hand-crafted adventure levels, 30 types enemies, 150+ secret rooms, and 24 color palettes resembling old times e.g. MS-DOS, Game Boy, or IBM. Explore 4 different worlds with unique mechanics, fight with enemies (or show them mercy to get a special Pacifist Badge!), try to beat speedrun thresholds set by ruthless authors, listen to an original chiptune soundtrack and have fun! Use this game to travel back to the past and immerse yourself for a couple of hours into this retro world!


Pixboy Trailer


  • 40 hand-crafted adventure levels
  • 30 different types of enemies
  • 150+ secret rooms waiting to be found
  • 24 different retro colors palettes
  • 4 theme worlds with unique mechanics inside
  • 4 big and so scary bosses
  • the choice between fighting or sparing enemies (pacifist badge)
  • 4 challenges per level – collecting all coins, all secret rooms, beating speedrun thresholds, sparing all enemies
  • original chiptune music

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Student Indie Game winner
    Digital Dragons 2019, Students Talent Show

  • Best Game Design winner
    Team Game Programming Contest 2019
    (Zespołowe Tworzenie Gier Komputerowych 2019)

  • Best mobile game, 2nd place
    The Big Indie Pitch by Pocket Gamer 2019


email: contact@OakyGames.com

twitter: @MaciekOaky

fb: GamePixboy